Everything Horror Podcast

S3: Ep 1. Paranormal Talk with Justin Heath

July 13, 2017
First off I wanna say Thank You to Grant from Shadows Symphony allowing us to use his awesome Halloween Music for our Podcasts, this song you're listening to is called "Unsettled Sleep". So make sure you support another great artist, and if you haven't go take a listen to our Interview!
Justin Heath and I met back in 4th grade in Middle School, so it's been years since I've known this guy. I wanted to interview Justin for a while now and especially for Haunted Vermont, which is another page I created and run. If you're interested in learning Vermont Haunted History or Stories, please head over and give the page a like! http://facebook.com/hauntedvermont.
But I hung out at the house that is pictured where Justin and I had experiences together, these are our stories while talking with him about Paranormal Experiences he has had without friends around.