S2: Ep 4. F13: Taking Lives, Taking Names

May 31, 2017

After two not so great episodes of unenjoyment except Chrystello liking The Void movie, we all finally agree with liking something now. Friday the 13th: The Game, came out May 26th 2017 with major issues, but for backers like us in the podcast did. We did and didn't have issues. Now before I go further, what you're about to hear is actually us playing the game within reviewing it. So if you'd rather watch the video to see us all play while reviewing, head on over to our YouTube Page.

We discuss the following...

  • Favorite Counsoler (From what we've unlocked)
  • Favorite Jason (From what we've unlocked)
  • Best Perks
  • Each Map Reviewed
  • Future DLC
  • The Issues and Retweet Heat
  • Final Thoughts

Watch the video instead of audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY0_BS96RXM 

Find the Guests:
Chrystello Lovebello

Barry SkyHighGaming28

Lamont Lightspeedsonic

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