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Moons of Madness | A Sci-fi Horror Adventure

Moons of Madness | A Sci-fi Horror Adventure

January 18, 2021

A mysterious signal has been recorded coming from the red planet.

The message confounded Orochi scientists. Their analysts broke it down and determined it was of intelligent origin. Orochi management immediately concluded that the discovery was too sensitive for public knowledge and moved to keep it hidden. In secret, the corporation began construction of Trailblazer Alpha, a state-of-the-art Mars research outpost designed to identify the true nature of the message.

You are Shane Newehart, an engineer stationed at Trailblazer Alpha and your security clearance means you are completely unaware of the existence of the mysterious signal. Your job is simply to keep the lights on until the transport ship Cyrano arrives bringing with it a new team to take over your duties.

Soon you discover strange and unusual setbacks. Crucial systems are malfunctioning, the greenhouse is filled with a strange mist and the rest of your team has yet to return from their EVA mission.
Things are starting to fall apart.

You begin seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. Visions, hallucinations – or is that even what it is? Is this real… or are you slowly descending into madness?

Experience true cosmic horror
With your only hope of rescue hundreds of thousands of miles away, you will be forced to explore the real-world fears of isolation and paranoia, enhanced with supernatural elements and cosmic horror. Terrifying visions and monstrous apparitions will make you question what is real and what is not as the very fabric of reality threatens to tear at the seams.

Explore the darker side of Mars
Navigate a functioning Mars base in a game that uses non-fiction elements to immerse players in a believable setting. Overcome obstacles using computers, electrical systems, rovers, solar panels and more, then go beyond the outpost and explore the darker side of Mars.

Moons of Madness draws upon the rich lore and mythology of Funcom’s Secret World Legends. Both games exist in the same thematic universe, but playing one is not a prerequisite to enjoy the other.


Available today on PS4, Steam and Xbone


Through the Woods | A Norwegian Folklore Game

Through the Woods | A Norwegian Folklore Game

January 15, 2021

Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shores of Norway that tells the story of a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, the player experiences the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance. Players follow the path of a terrified woman who has forced herself to enter this terrible place for the sole purpose of finding her son, in a setting heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

With Through the Woods, Antagonist have captured the feeling of the forest as they saw it as children, with all the fear and mystery that comes from roaming through it alone. This is coupled with a powerful story and high quality sound design, which in the darkness of the forest becomes a core mechanic. Through the Woods is a profound experience that directly delivers the feelings of loneliness and loss in a terrifying place...

Available on Steam, GOG, PS4, Xbox One


Six Movies for Christmas: Jack Frost

Six Movies for Christmas: Jack Frost

December 24, 2020

After an accident that left murderer Jack Frost dead in genetic material the vengeful killer returns as a murderous snowman to exact his revenge on the man who sent him to be executed.


Director: Michael Cooney
Writers: Jeremy Paige (story), Michael Cooney (story & written by)
Stars: Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel and more


Watch on Amazon, TubiTV.

Six Movies for Christmas: The Gingerdead Man

Six Movies for Christmas: The Gingerdead Man

December 23, 2020

An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer - this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent the killer to the electric chair.


Director: Charles Band
Writers: William Butler (story), Domonic Muir (as August White)
Stars: Gary Busey, Robin Sydney, Ryan Locke 

Six Movies for Christmas: The Elf

Six Movies for Christmas: The Elf

December 21, 2020

Nick is haunted by night terrors stemming from a tragic murder he saw when he was young. After inheriting an old toy shop, he discovers a cursed elf doll sealed inside an ancient chest with a naughty list of his family's names written on it. He soon discovers that the elf was an evil conduit meant to unleash a supernatural killing spree during the Christmas Holidays by whomever set it free.


Watch on YouTube and TubiTV.

We Are Everlasting Hauntings // Everything Horror Podcast

We Are Everlasting Hauntings // Everything Horror Podcast

November 17, 2020

Welcome to the new beginning of Everything Horror Podcast, Paul here to talk about the upcoming changes and just a little no hold bar rant about an issue that has happened a few times before. Should you think we should provide a price for those that want reviews? It seems fair when promoting others work and not get anything in return. Like a retweet, share or mention.


For those that don't want to listen, here's a basic rundown of the separate stuff happening over at http://ehpodcasts.com starting now.

Everlasting Hauntings: Focuses on articles, reviews, written interviews and etc.

Everything Horror Podcast: Relies on anything that is recorded ONLY. 

What Happened to DecayMag with Ken Artuz

What Happened to DecayMag with Ken Artuz

October 31, 2020

So, with our recent post of possibly taking a break or ending the show permanently. Paul spoke with long time DecayMag founder, Ken Artuz on what happened to DecayMag and if it'll make a return.

Check out Ken's new fitness company at http://www.artuzfitness.com  

Destroy All Humans! | A Remake Worth a Thousand Words

Destroy All Humans! | A Remake Worth a Thousand Words

July 3, 2020

The cult-classic returns! Terrorize the people of 1950s Earth in the role of the evil alien Crypto-137. Harvest DNA and bring down the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities. Reduce their cities to rubble with your flying Saucer! One giant step on mankind!

Play the Steam Demo: https://store.steampowered.com/app/803330/Destroy_All_Humans/
PS Store: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/search-game/1?query=destroy%20all%20humans 

Watch our YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/smDqoppnBP8

The Tall Man | A Interesting Theory of Missing Children

The Tall Man | A Interesting Theory of Missing Children

July 1, 2020

Missing 411, a well known series by David Paulides. The first documentary take of missing children available on Amazon, DVD and more. Every year children go missing without a trace, never to be seen from again. Others are found far away that a child shouldn't have been able to do by themselves, especially in circumstances that would do harm to them or even worse just not possible. However what if... there was another way. A group known as the "The Tall Men" or however you'd see them, are actually watching you and others around them.

Join Tessa and Paul as we discuss the most important message a film as ever laid down to really should stop the viewer and ask themselves. "Am I worthy to have children?" It all comes down to how one child is brought up and if the cycle is repeated in the household, over and over again. Because that's what every kid knows, all because they weren't in a healthy family household. What if there was such thing as a "Boogeyman", that could take them away from you. And let you finally realize your problems once your children are no longer in sight. Only then would you know your wrong from rights.

JAWS 45th Anniversary | We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Podcast

JAWS 45th Anniversary | We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Podcast

June 20, 2020

When a killer shark unleashes chaos on a beach community, it's up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer to hunt the beast down.

Tessa and Paul talk first impressions, thoughts, the victims, the film as a whole 45 years later. And the most annoying question someone could ask, does it need a remake or not? A nice short nod to the infamous Steven Spielberg classic shark film.

There is quite a good amount of 45th Anniversary Jaws merch, re-releases of JAWS on 4K HD, Steel-book, Funko Pops and more. Depends on where you look online to find the merch for you. Until then, we're gonna need a bigger podcast.

Originals vs Remakes: Martyrs

Originals vs Remakes: Martyrs

June 15, 2020

The second episode of the Originals vs Remakes has arrived. We look at the 2008 and 2015 films of Martyrs. Why does the original hold up to this day to be the most gruesome, why did the remake seem to fail? Stacy, Paul and Tessa discuss our thoughts and opinion.


Martyrs (2008): A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.

Martyrs (2015): A woman and her childhood friend seek out revenge on those who victimized and abused them.


Bump In the Night (1994) | Remembering and Wishing We Knew

Bump In the Night (1994) | Remembering and Wishing We Knew

June 8, 2020

Bump In the Night was a TV show back in 1994 which aired a total of 26 Episodes among 2 Seasons. Stacy talks about reliving her childhood while Paul and Tessa talk about our first introduction into this series. What we enjoyed, and a little more. Sorry if it seems everywhere, it was hard to remember all the moments within the show and Christmas movie (Episode in the Future?).

If you, yourself have never seen Bump In the Night make sure to watch the episodes online via YouTube. Or if you're lucky you can find the Complete Series on DVD which includes the Christmas movie or purchase it on Amazon or order from your local shops if possible.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq70AdLc9-PTKOOMQNXsbYA

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0162796/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_1

Interview: Joseph Oliveira | Ghost Island: The Finale

Interview: Joseph Oliveira | Ghost Island: The Finale

May 26, 2020

On a remote island, a wealthy entrepreneur has secretly created a theme park full of imprisoned ghosts he has collected over time. Before opening the attraction to the public he enlists the help of a small group of people to assist him.  One of them being Josh Evans a troubled psychic with a dark past. Whilst Josh battles accusations over the disappearance of his wife, he is scheduled the task of entering the spirit world & exploring some of the evil minds of the ghosts that lay within the island, but at what cost. In an epic finale, Josh has his world turned upside down as he unlocks the truth to his past.

Join Joey and I as we discuss all things Ghost Island. And remember to back the kickstarter today, for this is the last chance to grab all the single issues one last time. Because in 2021, Ghost Island: Volume One arrives.

Kickstarter: http://kck.st/3bV58hS 

Official Site: http://afterlightcomics.com 

Patreon: http://patreon.com/afterlightcomics 





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